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Oprint offers bright, high-quality and fast label printing in a short time. Printing stickers on self-adhesive film is relevant to all types of trade, large and small businesses.

In what areas is large-format self-adhesive printing in demand?

The technology is actively used in outdoor advertising, floor graphics, design of stands at exhibitions, shop windows, street structures, advertising on transport as well as for the interior decoration of organizations and residential houses.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Maintains a presentable appearance for a long time.

Self-adhesive printing is carried out on large-format plotters with waterproof inks. After the stickers are printed, lamination is done with a matte or glossy film.

Lamination protects the image from fading, mechanical damage and makes the sticker more rigid, which greatly facilitates the installation process, especially for large stickers.

This bright and original outdoor advertising in public transport, cars, shop windows has become an integral part of successful and effective advertising today. Creating sales and quality outdoor advertising thanks to self-adhesives is easy, fast and most importantly, profitable. Self-adhesive printing on self-adhesive film is suitable for a variety of trades, large and small businesses.
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