New printing service: DTF printing

New printing service: DTF printing

We are pleased to inform you that a new type of printing has been added to our services. DTF printing. What is this technology and why is it spreading so quickly in textile printing?

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DTF-printing is a printing technology on T-shirts and other fabrics. The peculiarity of this printing is that we first print the image on a special DTF film, and then transfer it to the fabric using a thermopress.

Despite the fact that this technology is still new, it is already clear that DTF printing technology will become an excellent alternative to DTG-printing methods (direct printing) and even classic screen printing.

Here are some advantages of DTF printing.

  • The technology allows printing from 1 piece, the minimum order volume is absent.
  • The number of flowers is not limited, even high-resolution photos can be printed.
  • DTF printing is possible on both artificial and natural fabrics.
  • Fabric or print can be any color.
  • It is possible to print on ready-made products. t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.
  • The image is elastic and resistant to washing, does not crack and does not fade.