Printing on transparent film

Clear images and bright colors

Printing on transparent film

Printing on transparent film is one of the best printing solutions in terms of price / quality ratio for both interior and exterior design. Ready stickers are used on any types of surfaces.

Transparent stickers: advantages


Resistance of stickers to adverse external influences

Stickers are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions. The strength of the material and paints allows the use of transparent stickers for the design of outdoor advertising, illuminated street structures and vehicles.


Ability to create both simple and complex compositions without using cutting plotter.

With large-format printing on a transparent film, a single image is applied to the material. Then the stickers are applied to the desired surface. The transparent part is invisible, and the picture is as clear as possible; additional money and time costs are not required. In the production of transparent stickers, plotter cutting is not used to produce individual small and large image details, which is used when working with other materials.

The ability to implement any creative ideas of the designer.

An important advantage of this product is the brightness of the printed images, which is maintained for a long time even when used outdoors. Even very small and subtle details of the picture are clear.

Printing on transparent self-adhesive material requires a high degree of ink opacity to maintain the brightness of the image. Therefore the requirements for image clarity and ink quality are increasing. Film printing is widely used in various fields, from outdoor advertising to decorating interiors of residential premises. Transparent stickers are often used to design shop windows, public transport windows, private cars, reception desks in offices and hotels, street billboards.
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